What is an internship?
An internship is an on-site work experience that is either directly related to your major field of study or your career interest.  It can be paid or unpaid, and held during the summer or throughout the academic year.
What are the benefits of an internship?

An internship gives you the opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable work experience before you graduate;
  • Develop new skills and refine others;
  • Apply knowledge gained from coursework to on-the-job situations;
  • Reality-test tentative career choices;
  • Meet and work with professionals, establishing contacts for letters of reference and networking;
  • Experience new work environments
How do I find an internship?
Simply register as an Academic Achiever member we we will take it from there
How much is Membership Fee?
Membership Fee is E100 monthly paid every month by each member until you secure yourself a permanent job. After you secure fulltime employment you have an option of stopping to pay E100 or continue working with Academic Achiever to find you better opportunities via Projects and Promotions.
When is a good time to start looking for an internship?
Remember that your academic work is always your first priority, but Academic Achiever receives internship listings continually throughout the year. It’s probably best to begin your internship search as early as possible, even on your first semester. That way, you’ll have enough time to respond to listed positions and initiate contacts on your own as well. Starting early will help you get in the flow of things and understand how everything works before the Internship required for your graduation.
What if I am an international student?

Not a problem, Yes we do have International Students in our database.

How can I get a job or internship if I have no experience?

Employers value skills developed through academic work, volunteer experiences, extracurricular experiences, or other experiences which demonstrate skills useful in work. Not all of these skills are job type specific; some of these skills are general such as communication skills and analytical skills, and can transfer to different settings. And routine types of student jobs can demonstrate to employers that you have been a successful employee. Obtaining internships and is another great way to bridge this gap.

If a job does require some very specific experience, you might consider finding a more routine position in a setting similar to where you would eventually like to hold a job with greater responsibilities.

What can I do to increase my chances of securing fulltime employement?

We suggest that you constantly check our website for available projects, constantly keep in touch with Academic Achiever on Whatsapp, attend Open Days as these events pack a venue with Industry Professionals and important Corporate Executives. This will most definitely increase you chances and align you to getting ahead.

What are some benefits of internships and student work experience?

In addition to potential wages earned, student work and internship experience is valuable for exploring fields of work which you may wish to enter after graduation. Experience develops new skills and strengthens existing skills. Work experience helps you establish professional contacts in a potential field of interest. You will be able to demonstrate work setting accomplishments in your resume.

What salary can I expect?

Salaries vary according to experience and skills required, year in school, type of position, type of employer, and location. Internships can be both paid and unpaid depending on the same factors mentioned above.

How many hours can I work as a student?

It depends on the Briefing Session with your employer but don’t commit until you are sure how much time you have beyond coursework, extracurricular activities, and some time for yourself. And note that our office receives job listings year-round and also receives short-term, project positions which do not require a long-term commitment. Students are advised to work no more than 30 hours per week.

What if my question isn't answered here?

If your questions are not answered here, please feel free to call or send whatsapp texts to 7697 2853 or simply visit us physically at our offices at Second floor, Dlanubeka Building 218 C