Documenting your internship for future opportunities

It’s a smart idea to have documentation of each internship to support your resume and improve your job-portfolio. This helps you develop a list of references from your internships, that list will never be compromised by people as they change jobs and contact information. Having your documentation in hand when you leave your internship ensures that you have ready proof of performance. Here’s how to get that documentation:

  1. Final evaluation form: Fill out your final evaluation form, which is usually provided by Academic Achiever. Some schools request weekly performance reports that can also document your experience.

  2. Letter of recommendation: Academic Achiever issues letters of recommendation on the Organization’s letterhead. This paves your way and makes your job-portfolio prettier. Be sure to write a thank you note to Academic Achiever and the Company you were working with—leave a good impression.

  3. Recommendations from colleagues: Consider asking other company employees with whom you’ve worked closely to write a recommendation for you. If you’ve been part of a team, ask the team leader to write a recommendation for you. Or, if you’ve worked in different departments, ask the various department heads to write recommendations for you.

  4. Internship journal: Keep copies of your own weekly reports on duties performed, so you can document your own assignments. Collect information (brochures or annual reports) about the company to accompany your reports. Such attention to detail is certain to help you get future offers.

Enjoy your time as an Intern and remember that its all about obtaining and getting Experience. Get your hands dirty, have fun and get more employable.